Penis - methods of concealment and obtaining a 'flat-look' for pre-op  male-to-female transgender people

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Apart from breasts/breast forms - which can be easily created or purchased - hiding the penis and testicles still remains the 'biggest' problem for transvestites, crossdressers and pre-op transsexuals.

How can you flatten your penis bulge out painlessly? And What do you do about your testicles!!!?



Probably the simplest way is to buy a Cache Sex which is designed to hide the bulge although they’re not exactly the most attractive things to wear and not the most comfortable either. They are only ever seen advertised in specialist TG shops but beware of some places that charge exorbitant prices.

The other two ways are either using the ‘Tuck’ method or the ‘Tape’ method. The ‘Tuck’ and 'Tape' methods are explained here!


There's only one place for the penis to go, and that's to fold it back between the legs. However, first the testicles must be gently pushed into the space they retract to when cold - yes they do pop out again afterwards! If not press gently on the bottom of the abdomen. This is where they sat when you were young, after all.

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The space they dropped through is still there. The easiest way to learn to do this is to lie flat on your back with your feet flat on the floor, and find the place to push them into your abdomen. This will generally be straight up, relative to your body.

With this done, you can tuck your penis back comfortably, and all you need is a pair of panties that are tight enough to hold it all in place. See the transgender zone shop for some ideas of what works! But you will need to experiment to see what works best for you.

Demonstration Image of another technique

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Flattened scrotum more comfortable than taping but requires tight elasticated panties!

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With a bit of practice, you can do the tuck in less than a second while standing up and pulling your panties on. It really is simple and painless once you figure it out.

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tucking and taping

The two tell-tale bumps of the testicles just beneath the skin demonstrate miriam also uses the tuck method to quite some success!



Taping is a similar method to that above. However, the now empty scrotal sack is shaved and wrapped around the penis held in place by tape prior to pulling beneath the legs - this can give the impression of having labia majora. But it is time consuming and care must be taken to ensure the tape is not too tight to restrict blood supply!


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Clip or shave your scrotal hair short

Push the testes up into the body - as mentioned in the above 'Tuck' method!

Pull the scrotal skin up and around the penis from below, until the edges come together at the top

Secure the scrotal skin in this position with a piece of tape wrapped several times around the penis and scrotum

Take two fresh longer pieces of tape and pull the penis under the legs and secure to each cheek of your bottom - this will ensure the penis remains centralised!

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This method enables loose panties or pantyhose/tights - yet it is still secure!


Some find this uncomfortable to wear. It is possible to urinate with this method sitting down. Use a strong breathable surgical tape.

Click here for a tucking demonstration photo.

Frequent problems


  • I can't find a space to push them into!

Sit in a cold bath for about 5 mins and you'll find that they find there own way up into the body. We have a muscle that is designed to do this when it gets a bit cold down there.

  • Using tape hurts! The tape method was a bit uncomfy, and made me 
    feel very unfeminine. 

The best result is to simply to wear a pair of knickers at least 1 size too small. 
You may find you need some bum pads if you have lost your 'figure'!

Or try this:

Put on your briefs (2 sizes too small works well) pull your penis back towards your bottom, then bend the knees slightly and using the other hand ease the two testicles up back into their original home using two fingers either side of your penis. Then close your legs together stand up and ease up your panties up to hold it all in place - with luck you wont need to tape it. cotton briefs work best as they don't stretch - full briefs hold more in!